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A Fighting Spirit

Today’s inspiration comes from a person who continues to amaze me. She’s a beautiful soul, and her fighting spirit and tenacity is something I continually admire.

Since October is national breast cancer awareness month, I thought it was fitting to share the story of a survivor. Today, over 16 years in remission, her journey is still inspiring. Someone who fought to live, someone who fought to find peace with her new body, and someone who fought to continue to be the rock of her family even when she was the one who needed care. When I think of her story, her determination, her pain, and her joy, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes:


I’m sure she never imagined how strong she truly is. And just like all the other breast cancer survivors, and even those that have lost the battle, they had no choice but to be strong. They should inspire us all. As I cared for this woman¬†during some of the most trying times of her life, I felt every emotion she felt. But, I never truly knew what those felt like to her, but I can only imagine.

Whatever your situation, whatever your facing, whatever challenges you encounter – know that you are strong, and you have the fighting spirit to get through. And know that there is someone out there who loves you.

Every day I am forever grateful to have this woman in my life. I used to take for granted saying “I love you.” But now, having almost lost her, I call her every day just to make sure I say those words.¬†To all the breast cancer survivors…and to my mom…thank you for your inspiration.


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