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Lenten Reflections

The LORD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in mercy. – Psalm 145:8                                 (Full text, Psalm 145:8-9,13-14,17-18)

5189521921_d71338933b_oAs I was reflecting on this verse, I was reminded of a very special woman. While working in the anti-human trafficking movement, I interviewed her to tell her story – a woman who was once a slave to the sex industry, now a survivor helping girls escape and find God. I remember at the end of our conversation I asked her what she would like people to know. I’ll never forget what she said:


“Love the girls that are in this industry – love us unconditionally. The survivors need to know that people love them. The real heartbeat of this movement is love.”

Just like this amazing woman was calling people to do, God is calling us. He’s calling us to love unconditionally our neighbors, our family, our friends, those we’ve never met, and even those we don’t agree with. And most importantly, He’s calling us to accept His love. The unconditional, merciful, and gracious love He has for every one of us. No matter where we are, what we’ve done or what we’ve been through, His love never falters. It brings tears when I stop and ponder what this means. Selfless, no questions asked, no restrictions, no prerequisites. Just pure, unconditional love. Agape. God’s heartbeat is love.

Lord, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Even though I sometimes feel unworthy, I pray for your love to wash over me. And I pray for an open heart to truly accept your gracious, merciful, and abounding love, and to share that love with others. Amen.

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